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A GDN: Dragon Jam Game

Fish & Ships is an open world, online multiplayer, space shooter. Your objective is to defeat all of the other team in the 2 minute time limit. The team with the most amount of people left will win.

Oh yeah, and you fly around in laser shooting fish. 


There is no proper menu in the game. You have 2 options depending on how you want to play. 

1. If you are on your own, start by pressing Enable Match Maker and then Find Internet match. If it says "Join Match: ..." press it and you will go right in. However, if it says back to main menu press that and then create your own world. 

2. If you have a group of friends, start by pressing Enable Match Maker and have one person create a match and the rest join by pushing the respective buttons. 

A proper menu will be implemented in a later release. 

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